"Tar up your projects as version control."
- CS teacher

I understand git is hard (just the awkward syntax) and not part of a curriculum, but can it at least be suggested? A whole year later, I found out about git and it has made CS projects so much easier.

git commit -a -m "No more tape archiving"

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    I'd bet 10 bucks it's because your teacher is old as shit and refuses to learn/teach new and extremely useful things. I've had a teacher like that once. Extremely frustrating.
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    There are gui tools for it. No commands needed, can't be that hard.
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    My eyes literally got wide reading the first sentence. Well, it is indeed an advice, worst though
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    Im thankful that 2 or 3 of my college classes had version control as specific chapters of the course, and they all used git
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