I am slowly turning my home into an automated smart home, however. I have found a lot of responding devices (media players, sockets, etc..) but no trigger devices (buttons, sensors) I can work with.

Am I looking in the wrong place or do I really have to build something myself using arduino?

My setup is the following: I have a central server in my home that hosts a bunch of docker services that all server a certain purpose. All smart devices have static ips so that server can address them quickly. So it is capable of controlling many things. However, now I want to trigger certain actions through a hardware button. It seems I cannot find such a device....

Any other hads on here?

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    There are some Bluetooth/Wifi enabled buttons. Some people hacked the Amazon Dash button for that purpose.
    If you really have to build one yourself, I'd recommend involving an ESP2866 for Wifi-connectivity.
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    A program on your computer/app on your phone would probably do the trick, unless you wanted a physical button of course.
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    @nin0x03 thanks! I will definately take a look at the esp.
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    @ItsDuckyyyy I have an app now but it is not user friendly to have to get your phone to turn on my computer or lights.
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    @ChappIO ah I see. In that case I would most likely recommend what @nin0x03 said. You could also use IR, but then you need to point it at the sensors, which makes it kinda bad
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    A Raspberry Pi would probably do the trick. Easy to work with. Easily accessible gpio pins via python and wiringPI.
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