There should be a way to let Google know ok I have purchased this item already, can you please stop showing me this ad on every website I visit.

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    Most like google to know less of you ;)
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    @Voxera But most don't care if google know you have IntelliJ Ultimate, heck, even that you're not into those "hot asians" but much rather those..god damn..hot..oh, im almost drooling from the code, sorry 😇
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    @Voxera True, but it's frustrating to view ads of the same product every where I go.
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    Trust me, they know.

    They only want you to think they don't.
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    This has started happening to me lately too. I'm fine with it, I'd rather ads for Netflix and other things I already like, rather than useless irritating spam garbage which I have no interest in.
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