Looking at git blame, I think I broke a feature 8 months ago. Not obviously broken, just one of the data fields is empty in one of our calculations.

I don't know if it's better or worse that nobody noticed...

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    Depends on if you are overpaid or underpaid.
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    I know that feeling.

    On the one hand, if nobody noticed, then you can fix it and it is as if it never happened.

    On the other hand, if nobody noticed, then is it really worth fixing it? Apparently, no one cares.
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    Now make the merge request that blames yourself and feel the guilt 👀
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    @Lensflare I think it is better to fix it with full honesty. The best of us, even me, can make mistakes. It is important to be able to fix them and owning up to them.
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    Worse, silent data-loss/corruption is one of the worst things that can happen. Now if it's just derived from persistent data or might not be such a big deal. Depending on consumers of course, is they now made mistakes by relying on wrong data it might need a lot of corrections.
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    once a senior of mine did this
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    @aviophile hahahahahaha....

    Very underpaid.
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    @Tounai it'll be stand up tomorrow morning where I have to own up to my fuck up 😬😅
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    @hjk101 fortunately it's not data loss. It's a data analysis tool used by internal teams, and I think it's one of the less used tools, but it's part of something that's getting lots of use at the moment (I was working on it because we had limited the size of data sets due to performance and we've had to make it faster and up those limits).
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    At least it's obvious that it's broken, it's a table with a column completely empty, so if someone was looking to use it, they'd know it was broken...
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