Does music help you or does it distract you from coding?
It mostly distracts me, but sometimes helps me when I'm doing simple UI work etc. Or when I want to block normal people (even quietly) sitting or waddling around.

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    I have music on most of the time.
    It does help me concentrate sometimes, but only with music I know well.

    And there is a motorcycle bar 2 buildings over, so sometimes I need to drown out the sound of the FUCKING LOUD motorcycles. I keep wondering why the law doesn't count it as sound polution
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    Yea, I kinda need music to code.
    Especially in my office, where people are always walking around, talking and all that stuff.
    Let's me concentrate better with music on.

    And i honestly hate it when it's too quiet around me (especially when coding at home)
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    This. I use the music just like you.
    If i need more concentration I turn off the music. And also is good to avoid some people!!
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    Need the music for coding like air to breathe.

    Friend is having TV running when working. He says he needs that to concentrate.
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    @mw108 we almost look the Same dude xD
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    Depends on the mood, but generally speaking musing helps me zone out and keep working (especially at night)
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    I already asked myself why you would comment on your own comment 🤦
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    without music (or something similar) I get distracted by my own random thoughts
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    I play something not as loud (just to have the headset on because people tend to not bother as much) and not something I know that can cause a distraction. Seems to work wonders for me
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    Headphones (noise-cancelling) with videogame soundtracks are great, since these are made to not be a distraction. I can't stay focused really long if I don't listen to music.
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