Installing arch,
everything works perfectly,
installing grub,
won't install to partition,
use force option,
grub installs,
grub boots,
select arch,

Looking through the config file I discover a uuid I don't recognise, oh,
that's because literally no device or partition marches this uuid that appeared from the damn ether.
After changing it to point to an existent partition it works...
But seriously grub, why does your setup script just pull addresses out of it's ass? I lost 10 minutes because I thought you were trustworthy...

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    This happened to me too.
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    You lost 10 minutes? What are you? A Linux magician? :D I lost an uncountable number of hours because some program (mostly my fault though...) fucked up.
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    Arch does not boot at all with grub on my machine. I'm forced to use syslinux. Syslinux is not so bad, but unable to boot from an encrypted boot partition.
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    My issue is I wanted to chain load arch, I had slack installed and couldn't bring myself to uninstall it, I looked at syslinux and grub and found that both hate being put in a partition instead of the MBR, I'm just more used to grub... if I had the time to coerce lilo into booting both the setup would likely have been prettier...
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    @Nosferatu Chainloading is ironically exactly what syslinux can handle better than grub. A vicious circle.
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    I'm just stuck on "GRUB loading"
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