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    What are you using to scrape?

    I've done it with Node.js + Request + Cheerio. Easy as pie
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    What are you web scraping for?
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    Scraping is beautiful. I'm always using perl for that
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    I'm using cheerio. But it's not framework that's bothering me. It's the web scraping itself. I hate doing it.
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    You should try web scraping with python
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    I used Python request or urllib2 and beautifulsoup..
    And you can good amount if you are in your clg enough for monthly as side pocket money.. lots of startup pay for scrapping. And once you are good in it, it's like minute DOM selector parse change and you earn the same amount but every iterative time, doing less effort.. and you can eventually end up making a more generic your own scrapping framework handling different types of websites...
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    And once during an internship at a startup, I crawled the entire LinkedIn member and companies directory and stored it in my Local drive...
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    Yay first time time I see anyone using perl here :)
    Having done scraping in both python and perl, I'll take perl if I can choose.
    It takes a third of the code and it runs 3 times faster
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    I'm using Python with requests as far as it gets me. Sometimes I need to use Selenium with PhantomJS headless browser, if the website uses JS to dynamically update the HTML.
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    use perl Web::Scraper module on cpan
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    @nbamaral All true. I love perl
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