Looking to invest into this business include getting amazing computer glasses..
Looking for them online however..
Can anyone here help?

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    Computer glasses are just reading glasses that are optimized for a 3 foot range opposed to the 12-18 inches of readers. You can also get filters on regular glasses to reduce glare and even filter certain colors out if you like. (Details obtained from my eye doctor when I asked similar question.)
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    I currently have far sightedness and prescription glasses for that..
    Do I need 2 pairs now?!
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    You can get a set just for computers, or you could do bifocals. Myself I just opted for the filters on my regular glasses. Too stubborn to accept bifocals or computer glasses yet.
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    @tryst I don't need bifocals yet.. Don't have near sightedness.. But I need something better than what I have right now
    And there's so much to learn online about all this
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    The bifocal part would have your normal prescription on top and instead of a reader bottom, you can have them do a computer lens. Either way, need to see you eye doctor to have an eye test for the computer distance to get the right strength. (S)He will be able to guide you in best path for your vision.
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    Wow that just sounded like an ad on TV...
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