Okay. So I have a long weekend though starting tomorrow and can't mountain trek this weekend.

What to do?

a. Spam easiest freelance jobs
b. Chill
c. What's your bet?

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    Chill + Spam projects

    if they are so easy you'll spend what? half a day for everyday of your weekend? and the rest of the day chill :)
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    Fox stevenson - arigatou.
    Weirdly catchy chill song.

    I think you will chill, with a good book, cup of hot coco and some melodic music
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    @gitpush riight. just spammed a lot of easiest freelance work here just to make me look productive. I don't know what's wrong with me. Everytime I'm at home, I always think about work and when I'm at work, I always think at home! Lol!
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    @coffeeneia I can relate, but I'm always thinking of my side projects lol
    Back to you, you deserve a break, we all need one, if you are not giving up a good amount of income from those freelance projects, then I'd just chill. but if those easy freelance projects do bring nice income I'd do both chill + projects
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    @moortuvivens coool! This is what I'm also looking for! I'm thinking what book would I read unto. Coco makes my stomach and anus grumble, maybe coffee will do. Hmm, and for the music, maybe I'll have 311. ^_^
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    What is your genre?
    Aah, some other beverage you don't usually drink but like.
    What is 311?
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    @gitpush wow! You're the best! Lol! Anyways, I just got back to work for a long weekend from a holiday yesterday. Probably, I'll do freelance projects for now if accepted, else, will chill. It's also crazy to think that when I have the most extra time, no projects will come and the busier I get, more projects will come in.
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    @moortuvivens from our wiki friend:
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    @coffeeneia All I can see is have a nice good weekend even if you acted normally by coding all weekend lol
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    @gitpush yeah. I guess so that's all I could do for now.
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    Spam the easiest freelancing jobs and send em to me 😂
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