Anyone ever wondered what would happen if you tried to put more than 26 (numbers in alphabet) drives into windows?

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    I'd imagine it would start doubling up letters (AA, AB, AC Etc.)
    Some research must be done...
    Anyone got a 27 slot usb hub??
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    They will not show up anymore in "My Computer" automatically. You will have to mount them as a folder.

    Probably there are also other methods to access them.
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    you will access the parallel universe. Your first drive past Z will be the floppy drive of your Doppelgänger
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    @CoffeeAndHate aye, that would seem so.

    Seems to apply for network drives tho.

    Though, I did use virtual disks for testing.
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    @PaddiM8 Aaaay
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    They don't map to drive letters. Gotta mount on folder
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    The universe collapses and we get sucked in a black hole?
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    Anyone test that out and post a Screenshot? Well if someone has the Hardware to do so xD
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    This evidence seems to prove the hypothesis.
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