Protip: If you want developers <30 years old, migrate to git from svn.

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    Once I checked out a small company. They had their project on a centralized remote windows share folder, on which everybody connected from their Window's machine using Eclipse.

    So one could overwrite someone else's changes. Saving took forever since they also had classes in the loc of 10,000.

    And of course, that shared folder was also the staging instance. So while developing you or your colleague would constantly break it. (That's not continuous delivery ^^)

    Subversion would have been an improvement for them :D
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    @Torbuntu Learning subversion is a downside, really. Why? Because then it becomes harder to learn git :D

    It really took time for me to UNLEARN subversion. It's behavior and workflow was so ingrained that I had a hard time understanding git.

    Yet what really sold me was local commits and rebase! Rebase is such a time saver in keeping your feature branches up to date to the master/develop.

    Once I learned git, I cannot go back. Not even with svn-git.

    I undersand what you are saying and sometimes you have to "suck it up", yet also not being picky enough might hinder your personal growth.

    So I'll understand anyone rejecting a job with svn in it no matter their job history.
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    I'm well in my thirties but have a very strong preference toward git. Willing to use other distributed versioning system. The rest is too much a hassle. Especially with incompetent committers.
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    @Torbuntu Don't wait for the change. Be the change :D Push for it and convince people.
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    One of my previous jobs used Darcs as version control. It's close to git, sharing a lot of concepts — but in 2017 git is just better supported and documented.
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    Ocassionally you can also cross paths with employers that use the dropbox versioning system... Fun days....
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