Programming music:

scarlxrd - HeartAttack

scarlxrd - BANE

xxxtentacion - look at me! https://soundcloud.com/rojasonthebe...

xxxtentacion - #IMSippinTeaInYoHood

These 4 songs suffice me.
Sub-genre is TRAPMETAL

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    Hmm trapmetal unfortunately doesn't seem to be my type 😥
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    @coolq wow that was fast did you hear all 4 songs completely ?
    Each is 2:50 average
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    I eh... Skimmed them, unfortunately I don't really like any kind of heavy metal or trap metal music.

    Although I know that there are many people who do 😉

    Anyway I need to get some sleep.
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    @sam9669 Same as @coolq, I don't really like any kind of metal :)
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    Good music dude! Thx for share.
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    @fun2code I just wrote rape_2_final.py so you can relate
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    Eeehh... I listened thoroughly to every one of the four tracks, but...
    ...to be honest, no offense, it all seems angry nonsense to me.
    Not my type of music ^^"

    Anyway, thanks for sharing
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    Ayyyyyy! An Xxx fan!

    If you haven't already, give Lil Xan and Nike Boi a listen 😁

    They aren't metal, but Lil Xan feels the same to me.
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    @coolq try vaporwave/chillstep/lo-fi
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    @gilgameshcoder okay those are some good suggestions, my music genre is usually epic music.

    Look it up on YouTube and there are some great mixes.
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