Franz is his name, he is our new programmer. He got task to made a calendar to display ongoing ads with javascript, and damn good he done it fast. Until today, he not coming because he got ill and i have to edit his calendar code because there's a change request.I look at his code and thinking how he read this code? no indentation, bracket everywhere, etc. Then I call him:

Me: Franz, can you explain your code to me?
Franz: Sure, but.. umm.. I forgot to bookmark the stackoverflow link.
Me: ...

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    Long time as a developer?
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    who? me?
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    Voodoo programming!
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    @mrwbsn no Franz. I knew a Franz that was a tech support person but had an MBA and his PMP. He was just like that. I haven't seen him in 5 years.

    My Franz thought he was a lot better at everything than he was and best was when he started telling us of his PM experience and his project was on time...it was removing the APs from Targets garden centers.
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    Haha.. really! your friend name is also Franz! I hope all others Franz in this earth not like mine and yours.
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