My first CS class is a basic introductory C++ course. Won't even be going into OOP.

So I want to use my own laptop for the course, but I have a Mac. Thought I could use Visual Studio for Mac for the class, but turns out Visual Studio for Mac is really only for Multiplatform development with C#. Ok, then, screw that. Just wasted 20GB and an evening installing that just to uninstall it.

I'm using JetBrain's CLion for now, but apparently we'll be doing some graphics work later this semester so I'm going to need to install Windows via Bootcamp and Visual Studio there... but my SSD is too small...

I currently have Windows/Bootcamp installed on a 1TB external hard disk but that is slow af. My SSD is only 250GB and I've already used half of it for various programs I need (Adobe crap plus Logic crap cuz I make videos and music).

My only option here is to buy a new SSD but only one manufacturer sells those (OWC), and a 1TB SSD is stupid expensive, $700 almost as much as I paid for this laptop used.

So, I guess I'm just kinda deciding right now whether upgrading storage is really worth it...

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    Why not purchase a refurbished windows machine? That's what i did since dual booting windows, osx and mint was useless on my macbook pro.
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    @turturtles I'd have to carry around two laptops... My backpack is heavy enough
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    @ytho so do I, one for work, one for school. And 3 large text books. I know the pain. I bought a refurbished dell inspiron that is about 2lbs for $500 with 1tb hdd and 8gb ram just for windows.
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    Dude just buy a smaller ssd. You can dual boot / boot camp with 120 gb don't need 1 TB plus if your smart you will install Windows on one hard drive and Mac on the other. And just swap them out.
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    @skprog yeah I'm thinking about stepping down to 480gb. Windows, even though it's a huge OS, and even though I'm planning on installing a bunch of crap, doesn't need 250gb as I was originally planning
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    I'm taking a similar class :)
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