Coworker: "Have you heard of imposter syndrome?"

Me: "In your case it's just called incompetence"

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    @trubesv I'm not always this harsh, but a few days ago he said:

    "I don't see the point in learning new things, the programming I learnt in school has always worked well enough for me. You go to school when you're young, and then you apply that knowledge when you're done"
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    @bittersweet sometimes truth hurts.
    But usually it's deserved...
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    Java programmers - what is a pointer?
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    This coming from a Java guy whose intro to programing was with C.
    Even though reference is handled for us, there is still something like NullPointerException, revealing what's under the hood.
    But in the domain in which I work, it does it's job well;
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    @graviton i was talking about pure java developers who haven't studied C or C++. Sorry if i hurt anybody's feelings
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    Not at all,
    Just sharing my thoughts
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    @bloodycoder I haven't studied C or C++ , but I very well know what a pointer is. Not all Java developers are ignorant idiots you know.
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    @aaxa "not all"
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    @bloodycoder Exactly. I could say the same about C or C++ developers who ignorantly think that these two languages are the best for everything in the entire world of software. But I don't, as I know generalisation is stupid and illogical. It's not that I'm trying to run you down or anything, but I'm just tired of hearing people bashing on languages in general. I don't get the point
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