> Needed mspaint to change a few colors.
> On Linux, search for alternative
> Pinta is recommended alternative, ok.
> Install Pinta.
> Pinta slow as fuck -- scrolling at high zoom at maybe .3 frames/sec.

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    Gimp the good old friend...
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    Just setup wine and run mspaint, it's...

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    @BixelPitch My experience with gimp many years ago:

    Me: "How the fuck do I draw a rectangle?"
    #gimp: "It's called an image 'editor', not a creator, use something else."
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    @jaread just select a rectangle and fill it 😂
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    Gimp (photo), Inkscape (vector) and Krita (paint/draw) is my toolkit. That last one is actually very good on all platforms.
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    Photoshop cs6 in wine work perfectly for me 👌😩
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