That moment when you remember there's something you're supposed to do next Thursday and you've been planning around it all week and now you suddenly don't know what the fuck it was, though.

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    Very relatable. I hate when that happens, but I still can't be arsed to use a damn calendar.
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    happened to me once luckily not in a project. Ever since i just open notepad (or any text editor depending on OS i'm using)
    and put the file on the center of the screen
    but of course main requirements for this to succeed are:
    1. Have an empty desktop so that the folder shine in the center
    2. Use both PCs or things will get fucked up
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    Sounds like you need a Facebook. Or a Google profile and custom alerts. Mwahaha.
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    @runfrodorun I do my best.
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    To quit weed, maybe? 😂
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    I remembered
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