There is nothing better than code used in movies/series...

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    It looks like someone was halfway through teaching and they stole their code xD
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    And then the kids go replicate it, thinking they're l33t
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    Once, public television in Poland made a coverage about something connected with the computers. Some guy opened hackertyper and used his keyboard like he was playing a piano. It was totally hilarious 😂
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    @beriba that is where that gif is coming from? I always wondered.
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    @JonnyCodewalker Yup, that's from regional station of Polish public television. The gif was posted on Twitter by the dev and the full coverage was actually aired in the tv.
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    @Lahsen2016 except of Mr. Robot.
    It's python there. :p
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    @ElsSnek and Ruby
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    They use xml in CSI Cyber...
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    Haha Penelope from Criminal Minds
    ' I'm going to break down their firewall and build a gui to hack into their main-frame ' *begins to play piano with her keyboard* 😂😂
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    @Lahsen2016 @gitpull Silicon Valley have some python, I think... But I'm sure they also have java at the end of s04e10
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    @Mitiko Silicon Valley - s04e10?
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