Lua is weird. Here's why:
- No () around conditions
- No curly brackets
- No ++ operator
- != is ~=
- Array starts at 1
- No semicolons needed
All I could think of, it's weird but I still use this language 😵

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    Appart from the ~= and arrays starting at 1, I see the problem with that. The others are pretty common place in recent languages. I do miss the ++ operator whenever I use python
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    @CptFox less error prone. Also arrays from 1 are very usefull when dealing with math and algorithms.
    God bless Julia for index counting from 1.
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    @Lahsen2016 xD
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    Lua was made by Brazilian students. That's why it is weird.
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    What does ~= mean? Never seen it before.
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    Arrays at 1?
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    @zshh it's lua's !=
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    Try moonscript it helps :) plus the lapis framework.
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    I hate dependency management in Lua. Luarocks doesn't rock.
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    @bittersweet I never had an issue
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    @michaelm there's also openresty for lua :)
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    @sour yup can't live without it. Lua rocks does work though but it's real crappy to use, but as soon as you have it working its fine.
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    Am I the only one who likes Lua? :(
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    @Tytanium I started with Lua, and I still use it to store personal data,for example player stats.
    I never said being weird is a bad thing 😉
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    () around if conditions are optional. They are still interpreted
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    @michaelm holy snap are you a unicorn?
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    @AleCx04 Nah man. I have spend some time automizing this kind of stuff. It took a while but found out how it worked. Now I have unit tests package automation and moonscript transpiling into a docker container with this.
    So for me not all the quality gates are there but at least it’s better then vanilla Lua.
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