When your biggest and best projects are private repos on gitlab and bitbucket and you can't directly link them in your resume since the person/startup you made them for want the source code be kept private.

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    Well, if you don't work for him/her anymore and there's nothing talking about that in your contract... Why not?
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    @lo98be Uhh well I'm in college and what I worked for wasn't exactly a formal contract. I made a website for a small store and they don't want the code to go public (well yeah that's a genuine concern), but then they are content with me having the code cuz obviously I'm the only one who made it and it's gonna be the same for quite a while and I put it in a repo for version control.
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    1) how likely is them getting to know that?
    2) how much does them knowing that threatens you or puts you at risk of not getting hired or maybe worse getting sued?
    What if you remove the front-end part?
    Will they understand it's their website if they discover you published something?
    Figure out what can you do and how much, that's the only advice I can think of
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    If it's a website, can't you just show your prospective employers the website without showing them the code?
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    @hookless123 that's what'll have to do for now, but well, if they could see the code, they could see the .htaccess, all the PHP routing I set up, the image compression API, the different components and how I followed good design patterns...ofc I can always tell about it, but it's still not the same as seeing it.
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    You can show the final result and some code samples and not everything
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