That moment when you write 200 lines of code and it compiled, runs and passes all tests.
Sweet Jesus!

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    miracles do happen
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    It happens often ... I don't run the program till I've gone thru the code dozens of times 😂
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    That moment when you feel like God 😁
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    @repstosd Don't you feel like maybe you wouldn't have to go through the code dozens of times if you just ran and tested small pieces?
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    Just a note: it differs greatly depending on a language - e.g. 200 lines of old Java doesn't do much compared to succinct Haskell where 200 lines may do the same (usually better, because dev is forced to handle errors explicitly) job as 2000 lines of Java code.
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    @Fydrenak being careful helps build skills.

    Measure twice cut once
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