Wow! Apparently DevRant saves custom images for every rant!

As far as I can tell, these can be accessed by adding "/image.png" to the end of your rant link!

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    Yep, it is true.
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    You have to remove content bit from URL though

    devrant[DOT]io/rants/817817/wow-apparently-devrant-saves-custom-images-for-every-rant-as-far-as-i-can-tell-t/image.png -- returns 404

    devrant[DOT]io/rants/817817/image.png -- works
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    Ya.. I forgot to mention that
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    I think that is the image that gets shared on FB or Twitter.
    It also explains why edits are time limited.
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    Devrant just became the awesomest app in the world
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    @amateur64 Just became? Pffft more like has been.
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    you just found an easter egg in devRant
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    It would be nice to see the ranter's avatar instead of the classic one though. Many people tell me mine looks exactly like me :D
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    @oscarascal yes, new image cards with user avatar and bg color are designed, just waiting to get built
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    @trogus so it is @dfox to blame :P
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    @gitpush normally the case, but I think @trogus actually took on the challenge of doing the backend work (in addition to the design) for the new image design in this case :)
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    @dfox then back to blaming @trogus lol
    Thanks both of you for this community :)
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    @gitpush haha!

    And no prob, thanks for your contributions to the community!
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    oh wow, this makes my life a lot easier right now
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    DevRant stickers, here I come! (Actually here you come because that's how sending something in the mail works)
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    I wonder if the image is generated when the rant is created, or lazily when it's first needed, or possibly even on every request.
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    @configurator good observation :) They are dynamic - every request.
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    @dfox Thank you. Lol :P
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    It is history now guys ^^
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