Coming from a C# background, where Visual Studio would warn me about errors even before compiling the program, Javascript was quite a shock.

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    @theScientist I am following a course which only includes Angular and advanced features of Javascript (closures, hoisting IIFE), but thanks for the suggestion. I'll check it out.
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    Half the time I'm to quick for intellisense to load when I'm only making small changes, nothing better than hitting build alt tabbing for a bit, then alt tabbing back to find that it never even began compiling :/
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    coming from java, same experience. finished a little and simple program about genetic algorithm in 2 weeks time because of runtime errors i couldn't handle. so my debugging was a mess of alert() messages to keep track of what was (not) working🙄
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    However, the satisfaction you get when you resolve a bug is much greater (to me).
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    i know that feeling too well😊
    it can sometimes be like heaven on earth😎
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    Use a linter (eslint or something). Should catch most of the runtime errors (no type checking tho)
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    @randomCoder "angular" you mean "angular-js", coz "angular" (angular 2 or 4) is typescript only.
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    @theScientist TSLINT warning me about trailing whitespace all the freaking time!
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    @jAsE And how would you add functionality to a website? C# wouldn't really work well there. JS is made to be fast.
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    @randomCoder Perhaps one day using WebAssembly...
    But that future isn't too close
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    This is why Elm is fantastic.
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    @randomCoder, @21stCenturyJoku AssemblyJS of course!

    @cb219 use console.log(). Much, much, much better.
    Also you can always turn debugging on in Chrome/Chromium/Firefox.
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