New management asked us to do an impossible task at work. Launching a campaign with no planning and destined for an absolute disaster. Being me and how I never approved of the new management, I blew up. Guess they will either start paying me better or kick me out.

P.s. they can't function without me. At all. Literally. Impossible. Becayse I am the only one who bothered to join their team. They begged me. Because they know they're useless. And after 25 years. Their ship is literally gonna sink within a year if I leave.

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    @kp15 if that was the case these people would have replaced me two years ago. Replacing me would cost them more than what they pay all their other staff (according to our contract)
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    @kp15 yeah but this guy has over 9000 ++!!!
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    They're drowning. They have no clue what to do now that people have started siding with me.
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    Update: I left three months ago. And if my source is correct, the company is at the verge of shutting down because the management screwed up very bad. Most people have begun leaving. The best have already left :)
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