Ok so the ex boyfriend (let's call him Joe) of a friend of mine is a dumbass

He wanted to hack her phone, or whatever, so hired someone on telegram to do it. He asked her phone number and 200€.

After actually giving him the money this guy sent a ransom asking for 2k to not turn Joe in.

Joe learned a lesson.

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    Hacker guy deserves a beer and a bag of quality chips like Tyrrells.
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    @NickyBones and a sentence for blackmail 🙃
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    Sounds like he didn't pay the ransom
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    @electrineer no, instead Joe told my friend everything.
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    He might still have to pay that ransom to avoid jail time. By hiring a hacker he conspired to gain access to unauthorised information. Said hacker can anonymously out him to the police.
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