Am I the only one who loved coding - I could spend hours and hours on my personal projects; but after I finally got a job, I'm just too exhausted from coding at work to do any coding at home? How did you overcome it?

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    I feel the same way sometimes. I've just got round it by planning my personal projects more carefully. I now use issue boards for my todo list so I know what I need to work on when I have time.
    That way you can see all the tasks you need to complete, and based on how burnt out you feel, you could pick up a small one, or if you feel in the zone you can pick a mammoth 🤘

    I don't put deadlines on my issues either, because personal projects stop being fun when you add unnecessary stress 😅
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    @mrstebo that sounds like a lot of discipline, good for you! How did you convince yourself to continue coding on the side, basically grinding through the exhaustion and burnout, and fighting the urge to do something else, anything else, instead?
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    I just treat my personal project as a job. x3
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    @codeandcookies I treat it exactly like @Cyanite 😁
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    Easy. I wanted to get rich more than I wanted to rest.

    I had a part time job as a game programmer after university and somehow I still worked on my own games.

    And this way I built my company and just hired an employee yesterday for my company but I sure destroyed my physical health.
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    I just dropped most of them. Sometimes I think about starting a project but after planning a bit in my head I usually decide that it requires to much effort and brings to few advantages so I let it be.
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    Start small, create small progress everyday (or as you can).

    Don't put deadline on it.

    Create a mental imagination that you were an elite programmer. You create a program to save the world (or dominate it)
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    For me the issue was that work (after a while) wasn't too excited because it's a lot of the same things.
    So when I got home I too was exhausted and didn't felt like doing personal projects.
    However I turned it around as the exciting part for me is really the learning, so I started looking at different frameworks that I thought was interesting.
    Currently I'm just getting into react js 😀

    I think most people really enjoy learning so maybe that'll do the trick for you as well.
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