To start:
Another tool for artists.
Want to make it cross platform so going to learn electron... See how it goes

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    Don't have money to buy QT and would like to sell this product in the end so don't really want to open source it... :(
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    No electron again </3
    Why not just Vulcan? :D
    Seriously there is so oooo mannnyyyy gui framework man, and qt is a last resort solution too btw.
    What language do you want to use?
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    @Celes well was going to wpf it just cause of using used in past but yeah not sure. Haven't done c++ in forever so that's kind of out of the question, c# or Python I guess.

    Thinking electron just cause I wanted a good framework for web since that web would be easy cross platform but don't want to have to worry about weird browser diff
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    @TEvashkevich if you're going to do a desktop application, we'll try to not use web technology, that's just the easy but bad way of doing things.

    So I'll recommend c# over python for performance. But cross plate-forme mean mono, so take a look here I guess : http://mono-project.com/docs/gui/

    Think about python if you don't like any c# mono framework, that would be my opinion.

    Well if in the end you really go with electron, good luck, but curses you to destroy desktop applications world :'(
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    @Celes destroy desktop app world? Why's that
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    @TEvashkevich because you encourage, basically, using those huge do anything technologies build for huge and do anything browser (why the hell my browser do window management? Seriously...) .

    Use something which really fit your needs, with no overhead. That's something people forgot thanks to those things.
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    Does fit my needs really. Want something that doesn't require a lot of effort from the user to get installed and get going, while also allowing me to present nicely on different platforms.

    I wasn't thinking of mono as I thought it was also paid to distribute? But might have to check again.
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    @TEvashkevich mono is open source and free. Even xamarin (mono mobile) is free.
    And yes I know that's an easy solution, that won't work otherwise xp
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    @Celes I think I'm still looking at electron just as a reason to learn web dev stuff too as I've avoided it forever.
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    @Jop- haven't looked yet and haven't heard of it before
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