So I've been thinking, since there are a lot of people on here who want to learn stuff, have a lot of leftover time and so on, and I do NOT have this right now (I only have time to work at the privacy website thingy as for now), what about I post some of the stuff I'd love to make but don't have the time for on here either as rants or collabs? The only requirements I'd have are:

- Being able to participate in them as soon as I get time
- Getting credit.
- The projects being released open source under a license which makes sure that they'll stay open source.

What do you guys think?

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    Great idea, I'll help if there is something I can do (not that experienced yet but learning to give others the opportunity to learn as well sounds also great).
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    I'm in, you'll get the credit you deserve. The app/thing will be developed by me but the idea will be stated as yours.
    And you can join whenever you wish to, anyone can.
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    @byte Weren't you the one who suggested this?
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    @linuxxx ohhh yeah, maybe I was 😅
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    Credits for this idea to @byte then!
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    this is a nice idea
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    Well, alrighty then. Whenever I've got the time to post a new rant, the first idea will appear :). (not sure if I should put that one in the collabs section as it might not be legal for everyone (nothing batshit crazy illegal but still))
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    Yo that's awesome!
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    *Interest sparked*
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    I will too. Also I will work on privacy stuff when I can
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    @dfox As for the collab section I've got a question. The first project I wanna put on here might not be entirely legal everywhere. (it's something with automated youtube downloading (to convert to mp3 later on) which is perfectly legal for personal use over here but not sure about other countries). Although it's legal over here, not sure about other countries so would that be alright or not?
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    Okay so I fell asleep uhm yeah 😅. Anyways, let me post the first project!
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    @linuxxx talking about doing illegal stuff wouldn't be as illegal though would it?
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