so I am trying to learn ios development. i have started with learning the basics of swift first. does anyone know of a platform to test my knowledge of swift like a website or something which would ask questions like how to create an array, get its 2nd item, iterate thorugh it ,etc , so i could understand it better?

also, my trainer is continuously asking me to confirm if i should go ahead in the course with swiftui or the old storyboard ui . I don't understand the choice here as i thought swift ui is the current standard and obvious choice . should i chose storyboard instead? are people and big corps using storyboard? is storyboard more robust than swoftui?

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    Storyboard is the graphical tool to make UI with the old UIKit. It only makes sense to learn it if you plan to join a team which has a project already built with storyboard.

    For new projects, I definitely recommend learning the new SwiftUI. It’s modern and declarative+reactive. It IS production ready by now.

    As for learning swift itself, I don’t have any tutorial like resources but I would suggest to just learn by doing. You can read the official Swift "book" from Apple. It’s quite good as an introduction to all concepts and capabilities of Swift.
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    I find tests on plural sight to be pretty good
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