Leaving the EU is like firing your QA team.

It feels good for a bit...

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    I dunno, I'm personally feeling really depressed about this :(
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    @motorlatitude tell me about it. I'm also completely surprised by the people at work who voted out!

    I've resolved not to talk about it in the office anymore.
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    @Chrizzle I wasn't allowed to vote :/ I'm an EU citizen living in the UK, actually really annoyed about that :(
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    Cutting off the head of the snake.

    Perspective from across the pond(US):
    The EU is doomed and now the other European nations, who are getting flooded with migrants (working cheaper -- taking jobs), need to leave as well. The UK economy will have a bit of a rocky road for a few months.. but long term, the UK is better off since it's trading/partnering isn't restricted to just Europeans. I think the UK saved themselves a lot of trouble/suffering by getting out now. Down vote me, doesn't matter 😏
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    @MicroNibble Yes, which is a European country. I'm not so sure having the EU control these things is a good thing. The UK can now trade with whomever it wants and also can secure it's borders. Ehh it's over with now so I suppose let's see what happens 😄
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    It would be great if the vast majority of people voted out for those reasons. I suspect that is not what happened and that's the real reason many people (including myself) are sad and not cross.
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