She: "Better not visit devRant for the next.. weeks"
Me: "Lol, what have I done?"
She: "The new iPhone is out"
Me: "..."

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    What do Apple's failings have to do with devRant?
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    Ohhh, she wants/bought the phone and is embarrassed.
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    @Ashkin No, she has an iPhone.. 8 i think? Lol (sry cutie if u read this & I'm wrong)
    and I have some 250€ Samsung brick. So ofc she always praises her device :D
    and is hyped for the new one
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    She knows he will want the iPhone and so he better get off devRant and give her attention for a while... once he has the new iPhone he can go back to ignoring her...
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    @jj1234 I don't.. want the new one. or any iPhone ^^
    I like my linux-android-google-samsung-brick.. And I do give her attention ;D
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    @BambuSource, ok, so what is the answer then? I think we were all guessing at what the inner thought was with the conversation...
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