My wifi was hacked two times last year, so I decided to change the factory credentials. Some months ago a tree fell on top of the cables on the street, cutting my internet connection. I call the ISP and when they get here they say I have no right for costumer support as I have altered my own connection.
I had to revert the credentials to admin/admin in order get my internet back. These ISPs live in the fucking stone age. How the fuck do they force me to fucking have my router exposed with a fucking "admin/admin".
Fuck them.
I hope some day we have a cable revolution and finally have some rights over the networks we pay for with both tax money and excesive fees with low fucking speeds. Fuck them. Really.

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    That's one nice thing about Germany.. Our wires are in the ground :D
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    This is exactly what Free Software Foundation is fighting for. You don't really have rights to all parts of your routers and smart phones, you basically rent them and are subject to scrutiny if the vendors decide so. This is also why some people think CRM is evil and can take this shit to the next level.
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    Cant you get your own router and just use the isp's modem? That's what I do...then you can lock it down as much as you want.
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    @sha-i This. My ISP wanted to charged me $70 for the "installation and configuration" of a modem/router combo + a $5 of wireless fee every month. When they asked me if I wanted WiFi I just told them no. I got a $20 Tp-Link router and installed when the guy left my apartment.
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    @sha-i the isp modem/router usually wants to do to much for as little monry possible.
    Usually resulting in it needing to be rebooted every 12 hours (if you're lucky)

    Where it perfectly functions as a modem and for a 60$ router behind it, you have a setup that might need rebooting when you get ddos'sed and not anytime else
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    Also, i first read " my wife was hacked 2 times last year, so I changed the factory credentials"
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    My ISP provides a router which you cannot update or reset because it freezes if you do. Telephone support tells you to reset it every time I call them, but tech says I just have to lie them and unplug it for a few seconds. That's the service I pay for...
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    @sha-i I'll probably do that when I have some extra money. Thanks for the tip.
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    I see I am the lucky one here. My ISP gives me internet plug only (not firewalled) and it is my responsibility what I do at home with it.
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