For fucks sake win10 you cunt of an os! Yesterday I arrange my Desktop icons so I have all the files related to the work I do today on the right. Guess what happened after restarting today? Fucking auto sorting activated today. Seriously, are they even trying anymore?

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    Desktop arrangement never worked in Windows. Ever.
    I never relied on that order.
    And there's still no Arrange by penis :)
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    I use a program called Fences, it keeps all the desktop items in buckets.
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    @Bikonja this!
    How old are you? 😀 That video is so good that it's still funny 10 years later.
    How was it called?
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    @PRein :D I'm 30 in 3 months :)
    I don't remember what it was called but if you google "Sysadmin halo arrange by penis" I'm fairly certain it's gonna be the only result :D
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    Windows is punishing you for keeping everything on your desktop.
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    To be clear, I don't care where you put stuff. Just that the desktop manager has gotten very judgemental as of late
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    It only saves them when you do a logout. Does *not* saves on restart.
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