I found a cool project on GitHub. I forked it and added a simple dev server with the intent of making it more accessible which could lead to more activity = improved project. I created a PR with small concise commits with very informative messages.

The guy who owns the project comments and says "I don't want your dev server, I have an apache instance locally on my computer". I tell him "Ok sure, but wouldn't it be nice if everyone else also had a nice dev server which can be started with a single command?", and other people join the PR and agree with me that we should make it available for everyone.

But the fucking idiot doesn't care, "No, I prefer to use my apache server". YOU FUCKING ASS WIPE, why do you even put it up on GitHub if you don't want contributions to make your project better and more available? I saw other open PRs where he basically did the same thing, left a snarky comment without merging it. What a fucking tool. Worst spent time ever.


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    Could always maintain your version until his dies out
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    Attic backup had the same problem. The guy wanted to do his own thing and didn't allow any other opinion.

    Attic is now almost dead and is being developed further as borgbackup.
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    He made it open source, so you can make your own thing the way you like it. Do it.
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    Fork that shit and take those open PRs with you
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    Don't like how he does his projects? Literally fork it and do your own thing. No where does it say they habe to allow anyone to work on their projects. Look at the Linux kernel.
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    @zshh send link mah boi plox
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