you know one should tread very carefully when getting a business dealing out of friendship.

if their is a boss-employee dynamics in the business, as in you are the boss and they are being paid to work for you or vice versa, then during work , be prepared to take criticism constructively. as a friend, the relation is different, we say each other anything and it is laughed off, but during work, there is a matter of respect, seniority and professionalism.

another kind of dynamics are the freelance/favour relation where friend is giving you free/paid service/advice or vice versa. this is even more shittier situation and is almost always bound to fuck up.
- the guy receiving service will try to negotiate a better deal because friend factor ('you will take so much money from your homie?')
- the guy providing service will try to offer a bad deal because friend factor ('i know he trust me. let me offer him a bad quote as he don't know anything of this domain')
- the guy providing service may not consider the service/advice as priority because friends factor ('he is a homie. he can wait')
- the guy receiving service may not be satisfied with the product/offerring/guidance because friends factor ('you could have added this x feature too bro, i paid you')

overall friend factor sucks. somehow the boss-employee factor worked for me as i was careful after 1 bad attempt

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