As a new freelancer I didn't have much clients , so I paired with a web designer +10 years exp. who work with me as a pm and that was a bad decision.
Although I am a back-end dev , half of the projects were frontend/WordPress theme (less price than back-end projecrs) - so 30% of the projects were cancelled .
sometimes I receive project's which have requirement, like magento, I don't know anything about ,
I tried to push myself but I burned out after six month.
he deals with clients, partner with other companies ,and I don't know anything about the terms.
at the end I was like an employee without any benefits from his company .
moreover I get my money after 45 day!!!
and not all my money .
this is a project I work for another company through him
A requirement for mobile back-end server was integrating with parse and that was my first time working with Facebook parse so ....
after two weeks ..
we received email from parse that they'll shutdown their service after a year .

so we moved to Amazon sns again my first time working with aws .
at the end I can't charge for extra money but my pm became a gold partner for that company .
the only thing that made me hold is that I need some high quality projects for my c.v.
he didn't show on hangout because I need my money .
this will be my last project with him.
wow I write too much ... I feel better now .😥

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    I recently moved on a from a job that paid $12/hr for IT. My boss was a crook. My supervisor was a complete idiot. I was one of the most competent people in the company and I was being paid barely above minimum wage.

    Don't let people get you down. It's nice to ride in someone else's wake for a while, but you'll feel more accomplished if you pave your own path.
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