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    I'm currently trying to enjoy my research for building a new gaming/working PC. Trying.

    You wanna know what really pisses me the fuck off? I'll tell you anyway: Fucking knuckle scrapers writing completely and utterly useless short 'reviews' about products I'm interested in. FUCKING HELL!

    I see a nice mainboard, but the product description is missing some info, so as I am already on the site I look for useful info in the comments and ratings for the product first. Why the fuck do I do this every time? It's futile anyway. There are only a few few types of people there of which the rarest are the ones who actually try giving useful information like advantages and disadvantages of as well as their experience with the product.

    Then there are these total cock knockers who piss me off the most:
    "What's there to say? Good product"
    I know, you fucking retarded, inbred pig! I figured as much on my own based on the ratings, so why the flying, cunting fuck do you litter the reviews with your stupid, fucking monkeyshine when you've got NOTHING remotely useful or interesting to say? Go fuck yourself with a golf club!

    Then there are these propagandists who just have to tell the world they're fans of whatever product they're reviewing, but of course without naming actual reasons apart from that they're stupid sheep. You bought this, because you always buy this brand? You could just have said 'I'm a fucking idiot', that would have been shorter, fuckwit!

    And those dumbasses who have no clue what they're even talking about, but obviously paid assloads of money for what they're 'reviewing'. Fucking shut up, just shut up, when mere writing is already such a massive cognitive overload for you. Pick your nose, as you're used to, and leave everything else to the grown ups.

    And what about those fucking dimwits whose rating doesn't fit their review? Who in their right mind gives five stars along with a shit review, or a great review along with a shit rating? How have these fucking people even learned how to breathe without turning purple thrice a day?

    I FUCKING hate hate idiots. Kill them all, kill them all, kill them all, KILL them ALL, FUCKING KILL THEM ALL!

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    I love your rants,i really do. I'm not sure why it makes me smile, but it does. Thanks
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    @AlexDeLarge That's exactly how I felt 6 years ago when I wanted to build my first PC. What MB are you looking at? I might be able answer some questions/give some insight :)
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    Thank you, @aaxa. I was searching for a mainboard suitable for a Ryzen CPU that supports up to 32GB instead of 'just' 16GB of RAM. Finding the right mainboard for Ryzen CPUs isn't as easy as I thought, and I 'm picky. I'd appreciate if you'd answer on my previous rant, as it was about hardware.
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    *subscribed for good ryzen setups*
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    @CriticalFailure I'd go look at his other rant. It's got options
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