For a social platform for devs, I'm surprised there isn't support for `markdown`

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    It's still a pretty new place 8)
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    It's unneeded if you need to show something then you can just post a picture, and for code support, a picture can do as well
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    @ScribeOfGoD that's not a solution. That's a workaround.
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    @Ashkin nope, not a workaround if the feature is unneeded, even said so by foxy
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    A quote from @dfox on this:

    "I think text formatting is fun for a week and then everyone gets tired of it and it becomes more of a way to spam/be annoying than actually increase the quality of rants. We purposely don't format anything (even links) on the main rant feed because we stress the importance of the quality of the rant over how it's formatted/how much space it takes up. That's another reason why rants containing images get slightly down-weighted - because they stand out more in the feed and hence get more attention, naturally."
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    How can markdown formatting *not* increase the quality of rants?

    Having no way to format a bullet list or communicating emphasis with italics or having word links for supporting an argument without breaking up the text is like asking you to code without syntax highlighting.

    Human languages have syntax too, why shouldn't it be highlighted?
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