The guy who became my manager just pushes to the prod branch.

On a repo where another team clearly set up development and production branches.

This guy has been pushing code like crazy and I always wanted to take my time setting things up properly in our team: TDD, CI/CD, etc.

Because he pushed so much he became my manager and I was seen as unproductive.

Data Science and software development best practices just dont coexist it seems.

Yeah yeah, it's up to me to start introducing good practices, but atm "getting it done" takes priority over the real based shit.

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    And that Jimmy is how you do development Hindenburg style.

    The moment it catches fire, it will burn everything down.
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    Update that resume
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    What ultimately happens in this case is that the “prolific” manager pushes a ton of low quality code out to prod. It will then be your job to fix all the issues plus do your own job. The manager will own zero of this and blame it on you. If you’re lucky, the manger will blame “tech debt” instead of you, at which point everyone will high five and try and find the right AI solution using various power points and meetings where nothing will get done besides getting you more work to do.
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