Self rant!
I'm 27, starting my goddamn first year of computer science in the University.
By the time I'll be done I'm going to be obsolete...
Let me know how good/bad my situation is...
How old are you guys? How many years of experience have you got?

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    Assuming you're attending a 4 year, you'll only be 31. Don't worry, 31 is still young. You'll even be older than most of your peers (which is rather fun.)
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    @Michelle thanks Michelle :)
    I guess I'll have my life experience as a benefit (and I've had some...)
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    Yes, of course! You'll even assist your younger peers and in addition, spread your wisdom to them :).
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    I'm 28 with about 7 years of experience and am still constantly learning. It doesn't matter your age as long you keep learning.
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    I’m almost god damn 40 and I’m still trying to learn how to code. Every day I’m thinking I should just quit since no one hires old coders.
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    Won't talk about by age, but bro, it's approximately one year since I have started coding and I feel better about myself. And after one year you will feel the same irrespective of your age
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    First year is definitely the most difficult.
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    I don't have much advice for you but good luck with everything! It takes courage to make important decisions like these and I hope you get the most out of college :)
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    I'm early thirties and older than half my peers. I amuse them with 'back in my day' ramblings. Colleague next to me is mid twenties and recently graduated from uni. He's a great source of fresh knowlege to me. Nobody is obsolete :)
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    never too old to learn and pursue ur dreams!
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    32, almost 6 years of dev XP
    Do not consider myself old... :)
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    I have no academic degree, but I have 3.5 years experience in IT security and less than a year dev experience .

    I'm 22 years old.
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    Don't worry about age, it's just a number.
    Decent employers are able to look past it to the actual candidate.

    I'm 34 with 3 years experience (though I've been programming since my mid-teens, just took me a while to actually get my ass to university). I've never run into a problem with my age.
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