i made projects in Verilog HDL for fpga and stuff for the past few months in uni and did not get time for projects in languages like c or python.

now my dumb brain can't think in a normal programming language when I'm switching back to C.

P.S. if you didn't know verilog, it works a little different from normal programming languages. everything in Verilog runs parallelly.

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    Always wanted to get into VHDL but never came around in doing that. Guess i need to finish off all the other 50 projects i have first lol
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    might be a niche to some of us used to more text-based traditional languages, but I venture to say that the market for Verilog developers might be pretty good with good high pay expectations.

    Have you looked into it? maybe you know more about it than I do. I am mainly a web developer, but some of our cli applications go wild with things like c/c++ and even golang.
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    BTW, if you want a cool C development resource, i find this one to be tits man:

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    @thebiochemic i wouldn't even know where to start with Verilog, I've heard some horror stories, but I am always on the side of "if it pays good I don't care"
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