I know ppl say there is no place like home...

but after returning from places like this one, I just wanna go back there...

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    @ostream Rila mountain
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    @Nanos valid point, but I don't get sick often so I can still afford it. if you zoom the pic ( don't know actually if the compression will allow you to still recognize it ) you might see the house I stayed in. Magical place where each day presents diff ppl and emotions. no tv, internet or phone ( the last you can still afford with 2g reception ( calls and sms mainly ) a 100 meters away where the sunset is gorgeous ) and the only media is the one the guests or the stuff brings in ( I was in the later group as a volunteer and that make the exp even better... the emotions in the kitchen at breakfast, lunch and dinner was unreplaceable ) or if someone can play guitar
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    nope... too compressed. it's in the right part of the valley, near the end
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