When the documentation 3x longer then the actual code (and does not make any sense)

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    Actually it makes sense 😂 and quite simple, though I can only assume what item path could be, but the rest is very common generic data access code.
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    This is one of the reasons comments are not allowed where I work
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    @danielspaniol Omg no comments?!! If used correctly, comments can save your ass
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    Why do you use extra lines for the tags? Even the VS autogenerated comment doesn't do that
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    @DefiniteGoose I kind of agree with with @danielspaniol

    Auto-generated comments (we used ghostdoc) are worthless.

    How can comments save your ass? Comment why you changed the code.

    A recent audit exposed we lost nearly $800,000 in shipping charges. Turned out it was a bug in the code that caused us to under charge shipping on every order (dollar here, $5 there...it added up over a year). Obviously the corporate $%^& hit the fan.
    Long story short, the dev documented why and turned out the changes were from the CEO himself.
    It was funny to see the tone of the emails change from "HEADS WILL ROLL!!" to "Lets work together as a team to better serve the customer and our employees."
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