Back when every mobile company had a different charger it made sense to say Nokia charger or Sony Ericsson charger.

But ever since micro usb became standard, I cringe when I ask for a micro usb charger and idiots say they have a Samsung charger not a Motorola one.

Seriously? How much do you have to think to realize if a charger works for many brands of phones it can't be a Samsung charger?

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    But what if it says Samsung on it?
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    Most people I know say "Apple/iOS/iPhone" and "Android" charger.
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    What do you expect? The people were used to it 15 years that each mobile phone had its own charger.
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    Hehe, and now usb-c comes into equasion :P~
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    Well most Samsung charges have fast charge, while other Android chargers have other "quick" charge setups, so I can still see use-cases
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    Some Apple micro USB did not charge my Samsung S4 at all.
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    @Silvus It's more of a software thing.
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