What is everyone's thoughts on blockchain technologies?

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    That calling it "blockchain *technology*" is cringey at best, but that might be just me.

    Other than that, it's cool stuff! (When used properly, and not just thrown around for buzzwords and hype, otherwise it's pure idiocy).

    Cryptocurrencies have a lot of potential, and I think there will be more interesting applications coming up in the near future. (And yes, I'm aware of Ethereums smart contracts, but while the idea is cool, I don't like its implementation and centralization)
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    @endor what makes it cringey to you?
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    @nibbers dunno, I just get an itch deep inside whenever I hear "blockchain technology" thrown around just like that. But I suppose it's a side effect of being around cryptos so much, where buzzwords and hype are often the only fundamental of a lot of crap.
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    I get that, way too many buzzwords get thrown around this space willie nillie
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    Smart contracts are future and i think we will see it soon much more. I love idea of not needing to go trough middle man. I would love to see change how current market works and see more small companies take advantage of it.

    Another great benefit is micro transactions.
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