Been working long hours and 6-day weeks for not much gain these days. At this rate, I think I will likely end up poor after working myself toward an early grave. My retirement fund actually looks kinda nice when combined with family wealth inherited or that may be inherited sometime in the next 20 years. But the high taxation that’s coming, inflation, and public debt problems that will feed inflation spirals will way more than halve my net worth by the time I am old enough to retire. At that point, I won’t be suicidal but I will be praying to die before I run out of money. From what I see of the local homeless population we try to help, being dead is preferable to sleeping on the street.

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    Almost ran over a homeless man tonight. Walking in the darkest part of street, listless, slow, didn't even know I was coming. I could barely see him. Most likely he is high.
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    interesting thoughts, I almost reached the homeless status, but idc, I can live w/o money or a roof. As long as I'm healthy and moving I'll be ok ;)
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