I think I'm gonna throw up!

I need to rework this abomination against god. Who gets the idea to use json for a configuration and still ends up doing string manipulation on it. 20k lines of spaghett sprinkled over like 20 files. Just because you wante a single flat datapoint. But hey its in json. ✨

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    😆 looking at the git history how long was it between the creation of the json file to the first manipulation?

    I mean, I could forgive someone for starting with a json file and then years later having to do one unusually complex change and saying "this file has worked well for years so I'm not gonna change it entirely just for this one thing"..and then others did the same and it snowballed out of control.

    But if they started manipulating shit right away it seems they should've realised they could just have a js file..
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    It sounds a bit like someone wrote a manual algorithm to have JSON paths...

    (The single flat datapoint thing)

    Usually those algorithms look like someone had a very bad day on very bad shrooms.
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    "20k lines of spaghett sprinkled over like 20 files"

    This definitely sounds like some weird automated configuration thing. Make sure your changes don't just get immediately overwritten... 🙃
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    @AlmondSauce Automation? We dont do that here! *Insert scene from black panther*
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