I wish my code could smile back at me and tell me I'm doing a good job

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    I dont, because it opens the chances to also tell me how piss poor optimized it can be in some other places or that I should quit and rethink my life choices again
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    @legionfrontier think of it more like a puppy who can see you do no wrong
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    I feel like code would have a really blunt personality... Like it'd be either your shit works or your shit stinks... No in between 😂
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    U never did? 😂😂😂
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    Let it be the ultimate girlfriend!
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    That's what I use console.log for!
    Mostly for the exact opposite purpose. But still!
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    print(":) your code is amazing")
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    That's the job the compiler does 1/10 times when it's not telling you to fix the fuck up.
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    Not if it's python *cries*
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