Alright so I’m in the final stages of my companies website. I want advice from you all. Instead of ads for extra revenue, I’m asking you all personally; How would you feel if a website (yes, like what the famous pirating company was doing) used your computers processing power to mine while the website was open? There wouldn’t be any annoying ads and I could simply hide it in an iframe?

Negative and positive feedback please.

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    For some reason I can’t edit my original post so....

    EDIT - I would have a banner explaining what was going on perhaps, or something along the lines. I don’t want to take advantage of visitors and use something behind their back.
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    I think the problem that alot people have with websites that shows ads is that they just spam way too many ads on the site and is not like I can blame them in some regards when the CPM and similar have become more than an unfunny meme and then that is not going with how ridiculous Orwellian PC some ads networks have become and the ones that are more "ok/liberal" aside from having piss poor CPM they are either virus ridden or one had one of the worst thing I hate that I immediately canceled the contract, the type of pop up that opens a new tabs with a 300% volumen of a girl moaning at the top of her longs and forcing you to install a fucking extension if you want the audio/tabs to keep popping in W T F, thankfully that happen at home 1/?
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    @legionfrontier Yeah, and see that’s what I want to stay away from. I personally hate ads.

    I wouldn’t mind having a website mine in the background if it took away ads.

    And yes, NoScript would be a problem with me doing this; but I wouldn’t care. Like I said it’s side revenue. Offset the cost of my server running 24/7 at home.
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    fucking normies dont understand that bandwidth/CDN bills are fucking expensive overall specially if there is video on a site that is not hosted in youtube or somewhere else, youtube has been running in the red for along time in fact, I have been followin Feross Aboukhadijeh who not so long ago has created the webtorrent project which I have been experimenting in some other projects of mine currently but that is another topic, Carlos Guerrero created the cachep2p library using the webtorrent one to offload some of workload/bandwitdh of your servers specially the video kind to your users and images and such you can offload it with cloudflare but now here is the problem that I was remembered, I forgot that places like the US still have things called datacaps in their plans... 2/?
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    @legionfrontier Shit, yeah... a few. Something to take into consideration. Although I don’t think most of my traffic will have a 10-20 minute stay-time, it wouldn’t even be a dent in costs. Then again I haven’t looked in-depth into the miner yet so I don’t know what type of numbers we’re talking about.
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    I wouldn't mind it personaly if it was only while im visiting the site (just as i didn't stop using TPB after the news came out). But the question is can it be exploited by someone with malicious intents?
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    Here is the thing, as much alot people just outright hate all ads in general (for some reason?) there have been many times ads in sites that didnt gave me eyecancer let me know of either cool new sites or related stuff that I wanted to buy or services and such so I think the problem here is better regulation of ads now personally I decided that instead of dealing with the bullshit of the "good" paying adnetworks ands its beyond Orwellian survillance and their beyond laughable cpm is to run my own thing, perhaps you could do so too instead of running something that will give you literally less than pennies
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    @nikola1402 I’ll definitely be doing penetration testing and exploit testing. I don’t want my users or customers to be subject to any breaches or hacking.

    My final stages currently involve security auditing etc.

    EDIT - spelling
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    @legionfrontier seems devrant shrunk and compressed the image so here https://i.imgur.com/fQgM65C.png
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    Just don't put popup and cover the whole webpage ads. As I'm a heavy multitasker mining is insane, especially when you're getting work done.
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    They tried it with the ps3 doing protein folding and there’s various binaries for Linux, windows and the likes.

    People basically don’t mind if they don’t have to do anything.

    But, generally it just doesn’t take off. The protein folding, cancer curing thing was impeccable, but it’s old as hell and has nowhere near the coverage it could have.

    Your best bet is referral revenue if you can get it. It’s unobtrusive and actually had a benefit (however small) to the customer. Ads are a known and accepted form of revenue booster if you’re really struggling.

    You say you’re a company though, what industry? You’d be best just paying for the site itself and keeping it clean so that you boost the company’s sales without ruining its reputation.

    More info for more specific advice man.

    Generally though, don’t do it. They’ll only make another cookie law that says you can’t do it.
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    Economic matters are of no importance regarding cryptocurrency mining. Mining is an insult to ecology, you're literally burning natural resources for virtual ones by using energy to "create" cryptocurrency, the scarcity of which is completely arbitrary.

    I don't care what cryptocurrencies allow, this is a middle finger in the face of earth and should be as legally reprehensible as it is morally.

    In short: do that and I'll blacklist you forever and be an active adverse of your brand
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    Mine Bitcoin for you while there website was open?
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    Well, that’s a stronger thought than I had but fuck it friendo, I’ll back you up there.

    I’d never thought of it that way.
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    @willol not stepping on your opinion, simply asking a question - doesn’t printing money do the same thing? What about driving a vehicle? The laptop you’re using, it’s plugged in doing the same thing, no? What would be the difference. A slight jump in CPU usage wouldn’t significantly change anything.
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    @willol I’m not saying saving the earth isn’t important, whatsoever. I’m saying there are far bigger things contributing to the destruction of this planet, crypto-mining should perhaps be on your list but not the main focus. I hope your active in protesting all the vehicle manufactures, the mega plants, etc.... just my 2 cents though.
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    @AnonyOps there's no other way for manufacturing a vehicle than consuming resources. It is arguable if it is worth it, but to actually *create* the vehicle, you have no other choice.

    You could create infinite cryptocurrency for an epsilon cost: it's just a virtual number. You don't *need* to consume physical resources, but it has been arbitrarily decided that consumption of energy (through mining) would be what determine the amount of cryptocurrency you own. It does make economic sense, but I find it morally unbearable.

    Printed money is a bit more complicated: I suppose we could go toward the dematerialization of money (and we do), but if we accept the idea that physical money has some use, we don't have any choice but to consume resources to print it
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