I don't know if it counts, some weeks ago I wanted to publish my first telegram bot on github, so...
Well, I was quite nervous when I wrote it, and I didn't care about writing good code... That wasn't even passable... It looked like an american coffee... Washed, tastes bad, looks ugly...
I wrote it back in two days, changed module from telepot to python-telegram-bot (more pythonic), wrote a c extension for a xorshift algorithm and pushed it on github.
Well, that was quite satisfying, but I became pale when I noticed it didn't need to be restructured, but entirely rewritten

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    Ah, doesn't really matter. Work on it in your own time and make it the best you can. Most likely no one will even see it unless you start sharing it around.

    P.S. American coffee is really, really shit. Also, wtf is the Americano. It's like motor oil.
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